Community Guidelines

With sonata, we want to build a platform where everyone feels included, where you can share your vibes with your friends, meet new people who enjoy the same music, and ultimately have a great time.

To make this work, we need everyone to play along. Being nice to eachother is not hard, and the upside is a community we can all belong to.

So treat others like you want to be treated, be kind, and be yourself.

To be completely clear, we created a list of behaviour that will get you suspended, including, but not limited to

  • harassing or threatening people
  • repeatedly engaging with people after they expressed their wish not to be contacted
  • posting nude/pornographic content
  • posting illegal content
  • posting private information of other users without their consent (personally-identifiable details like images, name, address, etc.)
  • squatting usernames (do not use trademarked names you do not own)
  • promoting harm or violence, posting graphic content
  • spreading extremist content (terrorist organizations and hate groups)
  • posting content including suicide or self-harm, including eating disorder
  • engaging in hacking, doxxing, or blackmailing of other users on the platform
  • reverse engineering or tampering with the system, finding exploits, spreading viruses/trojans, or collecting data in automated ways (scraping)
  • violating intellectual property (posting/using content you do not own)
  • spreading false information that causes harm or is malicious (denying the existence of tragic events)
  • trying to find loopholes to the rules above
  • using the friend-matching for dating purposes
  • advertising for third-party services and political parties