💜 Our Mission

😔 Anti Social Social Media

Using today's social media platforms, you can scroll through near-infinite amounts of content curated by algorithms, but still don't connect with other people at the end of the day. Noticing that you just spent hours consuming content that wasn't really meaningful is really frustrating.

Online statuses and read receipts (knowing when your counterpart in chats have read your message and vice-versa) are used to create an artificial sense of urgency that puts reaction over action, playing into the fear of not answering in time, and thus boosting your activity through anxiety.

You might have heard the phrase, "if you're not the customer, you're the product": For their recommendation algorithms, existing platforms set out to collect as much data as possible, by asking you to complete lengthy questionnaires or collecting every single activity or chat message.

👋 How to Make Friends Online (Fast)

Making new friends can feel difficult, especially in times of a pandemic. As everything transitioned to online events, the platforms stayed the same. The bigger they have grown, the less personal they started to feel.

Meeting new people and enjoying meaningful and mindful conversations is more difficult than ever, and if we continue the current trajectory of quantity over quality, there is no end in sight.

🔥 The Power of Music

Music as a means of social interaction has been around for ages. We love to talk about the artists we listen to or the tracks we're currently vibing to. When you don't know much about the other person, talking about music can be a great ice breaker.

But while the medium of consuming music has changed to mostly streaming, sharing your favorite tracks and artists is still the same experience. Exchanging links with your friends doesn't sound convenient at all.

💜 Meet People You'll Vibe With

With sonata, we're creating a community where everyone can feel included, where meaningful conversations are encouraged, and where you can get to know people just like yourself.

We believe that the music you love tells a lot about your personality, we'll use just that to create meaningful matches, without requiring every last bit of your personal data.

Sharing music has also never been easier, when you're vibing to a track, it takes less than two taps to share it with your friends or the world.

To create a more personal profile, you can share the tracks or artists you like, your location, gender identity, and other details, but this is entirely on your terms, and we'll never share or sell this data without your consent, period.