🌏 Public Profiles for the internet


Another week, another set of improvements! Public profiles are now live and will show a selection of details to people who haven't signed up for sonata yet, perfect for sharing your profile! We're also making it easier to invite your friends, starting with more prompts for you to share your profile or sonata with other people!

New Features

  • 🌏 Once enabled, other people can view your public profile even if they are not signed in. This will show a limited overview of your name, profile picture, most recent vibe, and favorites. This is especially helpful when sharing your profile with other people on the internet without sharing more personal details like your age!
  • 👯 We now occasionally display prompts to invite your friends to sonata for a much better experience! If you have any additional ideas or thoughts on how we could help you get your friends on board, please send some feedback via mail or the feedback button in sonata!

Fixes and improvements

  • 🔢 We now display a number pad for entering your auth code, so you can get to your vibes much quicker
  • 🔒 We improved playlist selection to prevent you from accidentally setting the same playlist twice, which lead to some issues before