💃 Introducing the Friend Feed


After a week of building, we're excited to introduce our newest feature, the friend feed! While vibes allow you to share what you're, well, vibing to, the friend feed is a continuously-evolving list of content your friends have been enjoying recently.

We've also added a share button to your profile, to make it easier to share your profile with your friends, and on social media!

New Features

  • 💃 We released the sonata friend feed to the public, so you can see what your friends are listening to at the moment. You will have to enable the friend feed for yourself to see your friends' details as well, and you'll only see the feed of people you're chatting with. You can view the friend feed in the dedicated view, or on your friends' profiles.

  • 📲 Your profile now includes a share button, which will open the share dialog on mobile, and present your full profile to signed in users, and your limited public profile otherwise. You can disable the public profile in your account settings. The link will be personalized and include some profile details as well, so it looks great when sharing!

Fixes and improvements

  • 👓 We improved the visibility of your latest vibe, which is now displayed on your profile

  • 📩 Since we're experimenting with new ways to keep you up to date with what's happening on sonata, we added a section for your notification preferences to the account settings view. With this, you can easily manage which notifications you wish to receive.