💜 sonata is now publicly available with Apple Music support


We're excited to announce one of the biggest new features we've been working on for some time now: Apple Music support is out and available for everyone on sonata! To make this even better, we dropped the waitlist to get everyone on board, so join sonata today!

New Features

  • 💜 sonata is now out of beta and available for everyone to enjoy!
  • 🍎 Apple Music is now officially supported as a music provider. Set your favorite playlist and add vibes straight from the Apple Music catalog for you and your friends to enjoy!
  • 👀 Vibes are now displayed on your profile, and on your own profile, you'll get a shortcut to add another vibe!

Fixes and improvements

  • 🎸 We now keep your favorites around, even if your provider connection is cut by any issue. Just reconnect and continue adding your vibes and setting your favorite content on your profile!