šŸ–¼ Improved profile picture experience

Another batch of improvements to make your experience much more delightful!

New Features

  • šŸ–¼ We know uploading images wasn't the most pleasant experience, and mismatched aspect ratios made you look much more warped than you are, so we got back to the drawing board and crafted an all-new image picker!

Fixes and improvements

  • šŸŽ™ We saw that a lot of you enjoy listening to podcasts, so we made sure you can import playlists no matter if episodes were included or not!
  • ā± We want you to get to your matches much faster, so we shortened the onboarding experienced and focused only on the relevant details!
  • šŸ—ŗ Clicking on a link, having to sign in and losing track of what you wanted to check out is annoying, so we made sure you're redirected to the place you checked out before signing in!