Recognizing Music with your Voice Assistant

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While you're outside, you find yourself listening to a song you really enjoy, but spotting anything that could help you find it, the track name, or artist, just doesn't work. But don't worry, we've got the best assistant with us at all times, so let's put it to use!

Recognizing songs on an Android device

To recognize as song with Google, unlock your phone. Depending on the voice assistant you configured, the process might change slightly.

Google Assistant

Open the Google app or just say Okay Google. This should activate your voice assistant. Now tap the microphone button or repeat Okay Google, followed by What's this song?. Now Google will listen to the song for a bit. If it doesn't find the song, try moving closer to the origin of the song.


Just replace Okay Google by Hi Bixby and follow the steps outlined above!

Recognizing songs on an Apple device

To recognize songs using Siri, you can either say Hey Siri or hold the side/home button to launch your voice assistant. Once that's ready, say What's this song? and wait for a bit for Siri to listen to what you're listening to. If Siri cannot find your song, try moving closer to the origin of the song.

And you're done! You should be able to find any song just by using your voice assistant, and sharing it with your friends is just one tap away!

Marc from sonata