How do I create an Apple Music Playlist?

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With over 72m subscribers and growing, Apple Music is one of the leading music streaming services. Providing more than 70m songs, it has even more to offer than Spotify. Collecting your favorite songs using playlists makes it easy to find the right songs at the right time. In this post, we'll explain how you can create Apple Music playlists and add songs to it.

Creating a Playlist on your phone

To create an Apple Music playlist on your phone, regardless of whether you're on an iPhone or Android device, the first step is to launch the Apple Music application. All steps will remain the same throughout this guide, no matter the operating system.

After opening the application, tap on Library, located on the bottom right. In your library, you'll see the last saved albums, songs, and playlists. Tap on Playlists to get an overview of your saved or created playlists. Then tap on New Playlist and enter a name in the following input.

If you feel like it, you can add an image as a your playlist cover. After entering the details, you can tap Add music, where you can search for songs to add by tapping + next to each song.

Once you're done, tap Done, and your playlist including the songs you added is created.

Creating a playlist on iPad

To create a playlist on your iPad, once again, you need to open the Apple Music app first. Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and tap New Playlist.

You're asked to set a name for your playlist, and optionally add a cover image. Once you're happy with the look and feel of your playlist, tap on Add music.

In the following view, you can search for songs you want to add by tapping on the + symbol next to each song. Once you've added enough songs, tap on Done.

You can also long tap songs, albums, or playlists and drag them to an existing playlists to integrate them.

Creating a playlist on a Mac

To create a playlist on your Mac, launch the Apple Music application, head over to your library, for example your songs, and hit Cmd+N. This will create a new playlist and ask you to set a name. Once this is created. You can go back to your library and drag and drop songs into the playlist, now visible in your sidebar.

After adding a song from the Apple Music catalog, you'll see a checkmark appear on your playlist overview, which, if activated, will show the playlist on your profile and in searches.

Tip: If you want to share your playlist with your friends, right-click the playlist and copy its link.

Creating a playlist on your PC

To create a PC, launch the iTunes app. In the menu bar, choose File, New, then click on Playlist.

You're then asked to set a name for your playlist, and optionally supply a cover image. To add music to your playlist drag and drop songs into your playlist in the sidebar.

Tip: Of course you'd like to share your newly-created playlist with your friends. For this you can either right-click your playlist and copy a link to share, or head over to your profile, click Edit and select playlists to showcase (or hide).

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