How do I create a Spotify playlist?

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With over 150m premium subscribers, Spotify is one of the largest music streaming providers out there. Unfortunately it can be easy to lose track of your favorite songs: Clearly, you need your own playlist, and in this post, we'll explain how to create one and add songs to it!

Spotify on mobile

To create a playlist on your phone, you need to launch Spotify first. Once that's done, you should be able to see an icon on the bottom right, which looks like a bookshelf and has the label Library.

Tap this icon to get an overview of your library. In the Music category, you'll have your playlists, artists, and albums. If you're not viewing the Playlists tab yet, tap on it. You should now see the Create playlist button. Once tapped, you're asked to enter a name for your new playlist. After this is confirmed, you'll have your very own playlist, but it's still empty. To add some songs, you can tap the Add songs button to search for your favorite tracks.

If you want to edit your playlists and remove songs, or update the name and description, you can tap the icon containing three dots and select Edit.

Spotify on desktop

To create a playlist on desktop, launch Spotify, then you'll see a button labelled Create playlist in the bottom left corner. Once clicked, you're asked to enter a name and optionally a description and image.

To add tracks, you can either scroll down to see recommendations, or use the search function. If you click the search bar on the top of the Spotify application, you can search for songs, artists, or albums you're interested in. To add a song to your newly-created playlist, right-click it and using the Add to playlist button, then click on your playlist.

After adding a couple of songs, you can create similar playlists based on the songs you added. To do this, right-click your playlist and click Create Similar Playlist. After doing this, you should see a new playlist with a similar name appear in your sidebar.

P.S: To find songs you like quickly, you can use the playlists Spotify created and customized for you. If you like one of the songs provided, you now know how to add it to your own playlist!

Marc from sonata